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Fall Fashion Display


See offered services below. Custom services are available upon request. Please submit an inquiry and a quote will be provided.


An initial understanding of your needs

30 minutes

This is our opportunity to get to know each other! We will discuss your general style, and what you are looking for in my services. It's my time to understand what you need and what gaps we have to fill in your closet.

Leave the Shopping to Me

This booking is what you might think of with traditional personal shopping. After our consultation and the new client form is submitted I can begin shopping. I will find the pieces we spoke about big and small, I will organize them in your closet and give you photos of how they can be worn.

This service is a minimum of three hours at $150. Time over the three-hour minimum will be charged an hourly rate of $55

Vacation Packing

I will help you prepare for your vacation, business trip, weekend getaway etc. This plan includes filling in your wardrobe gaps, packing, and outfit planning. This is a great option for the week before your trip when the time feels like it's running out. Let me take charge of the suitcase preparation.


Hourly charge of $55. Based on consultation price may vary.

Closet Makeover

Sometimes we need help getting our closets under control. I will come to your home and help you organize your closet. We can do a full clean out deciding what to keep or donate/sell. I will organize your closet in a way that makes the most sense for you. For this option, I will take photos of outfits based on the clothes you have!


This is 2 hour minimum. Based on the consultation, a set price will be quoted.

Join Me for a Shopping Spree

This option is great when you want to be more hands-on! You want to pick out pieces with me and give your opinion while we look around. I will style the outfits for you, consider what can work in your current wardrobe. I will work with the store staff, keep track of the budget, take photos, and most importantly make sure we achieve the shopping goal we set out for.


Three-hour minimum at $250. Time over the minimum will be charged an hourly rate of $70.

One Piece Pinch

When you just need one or two things.


This is an ideal option for gifts, for a piece you really want but can't find. Think of this like I am sourcing something very specific for you!

Hourly charge of $55


Clothing Maintenance

Sometimes errands are just not a priority, over my years in retail, I heard countless times how dry cleaning and alterations are too much of an inconvenience. Let me take it for you and pick it up. I will take the pieces and pick them up from alterations and dry cleaning.


Flat charge of $55; independent from styling sessions.

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